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Dental Fillings

We may recommend a dental filling to restore the function, integrity, and appearance of teeth after they have been damaged by tooth decay or external trauma. There are several types of filling materials, and our dentist will work with you to determine which type of filling will be most beneficial to your smile and oral health.

Dental fillings are perhaps the most comment service to repair mild to moderate tooth damage, such as areas of tooth decay or minor fracturing or chipping. The purpose of a dental filling is to strengthen a weakened tooth and restore it to its original structure and function so that you smile can continue to enjoy good health. Our fillings are available in a variety of materials, and we will help you select the material that best meets your needs.

Dr. McQuiston and our team can place a dental filling in just one visit to our office. First, we remove the damaged portion of the tooth and clean the remaining structure to remove any traces of decay. We then utilize a filling material to restore the structure and reshape it to match your other teeth. The final step is to harden the filling to make it last for many years.

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