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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Important factors to consider when getting a dental crown:

  • Results - We stand behind our work
  • Technology - Why choose same-day technology
  • Experience - Expert hands you can trust
  • Financing - Flexibility you can afford
  • Materials - High-quality materials
  • Care & Service - Putting your needs first
  • Am I A Candidate? — How to know
  • How to Prepare - Comprehensive evaluation

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns


In the past, patients in need of a dental crown had to make multiple trips to the dentist — plus wear a temporary restoration for weeks in between appointments. At Highlands Point Dental, that is no longer the case!

Because we are experts with leading same-day crown technology, we can ensure a stunning result every time and further cut down your wait. Fastmill enables us to take digital impressions and mill a new restoration in our office with seldom need for a second visit. That’s right — we can plan, mill and place your crown in one appointment! With Fastmill same-day technology, we can take care of your ceramic crowns, inlay, and onlay restorative needs at maximum convenience for you.


Our Fastmill high-tech equipment allows us to restore damaged teeth with beautiful customized ceramic crowns in a single visit, completely eliminating the need for multiple appointments over a several-weeks period.

  • Scan. This laser scanning technology is not only extremely precise when capturing all of the details of your smile, but it is also safe!
  • Design. After the scan, we custom-design your restoration to fit your oral condition using the chairside, computer-based design center. You can watch us design it on our monitor screen!
  • Create. The customized design for your restoration is then transferred to the in-office milling unit where your restoration is made.
  • Place. Shortly thereafter, our expert team will permanently place the restoration in your mouth.

Technology - why use same-day technology

Dental Implants

Crowns are an extremely common dental procedure and have received quite the reputation for inconvenience. Traditionally, having to get a crown took weeks but Fastmill has changed that! Our highly-trained team can deliver your crown in one day. No more hassle for you!

Benefits of our Fastmill crowns:

  • Treatment completed in just one day
  • No multiple appointments over a several-week period
  • No uncomfortable or poorly tasting impression trays
  • Provides a natural-looking restoration
  • Ensures a beautiful result every time

We welcome you to call McQuiston Dental at 703-354-0111 to schedule your Same-Day Crown consultation with our skilled dentist and learn more about CEREC crowns in Alexandria, Virginia.