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CEREC Same-Day Dentistry

CEREC Same-Day Dentistry

Experience efficient and precise same-day dental treatments with our CEREC technology. Design, create, and place high-quality ceramic restorations in a single appointment, eliminating the need for multiple visits and temporary crowns. Enjoy the benefits of advanced dental care with long-lasting results.

What is CEREC Same-Day Dentistry?

Discover a revolutionary dental experience with CEREC same-day dentistry at McQuiston Dental and Aesthetics in Alexandria, VA. Our advanced technology enables the creation and placement of high-quality ceramic restorations in one visit, offering efficient, precise, and long-lasting results. Enjoy seamless, top-tier dental care without multiple appointments.

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How does CEREC Same-Day Dentistry work?

Curious about how you can achieve a stunning smile in just one visit? Our process utilizes cutting-edge CEREC technology to design, craft, and apply top-notch ceramic restorations swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the best results without the hassle of repeat appointments. Experience dental innovation with us today!

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Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Dentistry

Experience the ease and assurance of a rejuvenated smile with our CEREC same-day crowns.


Complete your dental treatment in one appointment, avoiding the need for multiple visits.

High Precision

Utilizes advanced imaging and milling technology for exceptionally accurate and custom-fit ceramic restorations.

Comfortable Experience

Minimizes discomfort and eliminates the necessity for temporary crowns, making the process smoother for patients.

Long-Lasting Results

Provides durable, aesthetically pleasing ceramic restorations designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

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