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“Amazing! Every member of Dr. McQuiston’s team was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I had a very difficult molar extraction, then implant; something I had dreaded for years. At the outset, Dr. McQuiston printed me a copy of the complete treatment plan – dates with cost points, and followed it to the “T.” I knew- like everyone in the office, exactly what would happen, when, and how I needed to budget. I still don’t know how the machine manufactured the crown right in front of me, but after Dr. McQuiston fine-tuned and adjusted it by hand, it was flawless. I really mean it. It looks perfect and I don’t even think about it when chewing. I almost looked forward to my dentist appointments. PS, I have never written one of these reviews before.”
– Paul J.

“Dr. McQuiston is exactly what I want in a dentist. He will explain as much or as little as you want to hear about any procedure. He is very experienced. Has the best office and equipment. Staff is very friendly. Takes care of insurance and makes the whole experience smooth. I think I have had one of each major dental procedure at Dr. McQuiston’s, and all have gone very well. Root canals (2), crown, bridge, cavities, whitening and of course cleanings. My medical anxiety is as low as I think it can be while in his office.”
– Edward D.

“Dr. McQuiston is a great dentist. He cares and takes pride in work. He loves what he does, and cares for all his patients. He has done dentistry on my entire family, and I highly recommend Dr. McQuiston. If you’re looking for a great dentist, he’s the one!”
– Denise K.

“I have been a patient for many years. Dr McQuiston and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have had some rather tricky and complicated work done, with excellent results. All procedures are fully explained so that I know what to expect. I absolutely recommend him.”
– Greta B.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Scott McQuiston who we came to after nearly 40 years as patients with the senior dentist in his practice (who retired.) Dr. McQuiston is personable, kind and punctual. His checkups are thorough, his equipment topnotch, and he is on-top of the latest technology. (Plus his dental hygienists and office staff are THE best!)”
– Patricia R.

“Dr. McQuiston has been my dentist for many years and he is excellent. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for my routine dental care. I have all my regular cleanings, x-rays, and ongoing dental care with him; he has also made some beautiful crowns for me. His procedures are quite skillful and relatively painless. His office and staff are very pleasant but efficient at the same time. I have referred many friends to Dr. McQuiston and they have all been very satisfied – most have become regular patients like me.”
– Miriam H.

“Dr. McQuiston is really good. He is the nicest guy you are ever going to meet. The whole staff there is great and it’s a very warm, family atmosphere. When my son was almost four years, he knocked his two front teeth out, and we rushed him to the dentist and Dr. McQuiston was about to wire them back in and everything worked out fine. I think the world of him. He also replaced all of my silver filings with the white composite fillings and they look great.”
– Jody T.

“Dr. McQuiston performed a small repair on one of my crowns. He did his usual wonderful work. I have been a patient in his practice for many years and I have always received excellent care. There has never been the slightest problem with any of the work (simple fillings, crowns, etc) he has done for me. My husband and I both go to him and recommend him highly.”
– Alice Q.