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To enhance your smile with a tooth whitening treatment system, it is important to understand your options. Even if you regularly clean your teeth and gums, or teeth naturally age over time, they can easily be stained by foods and drinks. Furthermore, lifestyle choices including smoking or chewing tobacco as well as an assistant or mouth add body can also cause tooth discoloration. To help reverse these effects, consider a tooth whitening treatment system such as one of the following:

– If you’re looking to enhance your smile with a tooth whitening treatment system, professional in-office treatments are considered the most effective. They are designed to enhance your smile by applying a gel directly to your teeth using a customized whitening tray. Because they’re administered by a dentist, you can guarantee they are safe and effective for use.

– In times when in-office teeth whitening treatments are not needed, at-home treatments can be given. These products are safe for use as they are supplied directly by your dentist.

– Over-the-counter treatments, also known as third-party whitening systems, can be purchased at a store or online. These products remain unregulated and can potentially damage your teeth and gums if you are not careful. Always speak with your dentist about product recommendations and suggestions.

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