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Maintaining a healthy smile can enhance your appearance and your life, and this endeavor requires cleaning your teeth every day. For example, it’s important to floss thoroughly on a daily basis in order to clean tight areas of the teeth that are inaccessible to a toothbrush. If you struggle to maintain proper flossing habits, our dental team is happy to help you develop sufficient strategies for flossing.

While you can achieve a good teeth cleaning with a toothbrush, this tool is unable to clean between teeth or access other tiny spaces in your smile. Only a proper flossing tool can effectively remove plaque buildup that appears on your teeth and gum line. If these areas aren’t addressed every day, you can develop gum inflammation and an infection known as gum disease. The development of a gum infection infection can increase your risk of experiencing several other dental health problems, including persistent bad breath and the loss of teeth and the underlying bone that supports them.

If you find that using traditional dental floss is a challenge that risks the health of your smile, our dentist can help you choose a sufficient alternative such as water flossing. Instead of using waxed floss, this tool uses a guided water jet to clear away food and plaque particles from the gum line and between the teeth. Because it can use several types of attachments for different streams of water, you can adjust your flossing experience to your needs and comfort. Another option is to clean your teeth with floss picks.

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