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Dental implants are a great way to restore a lost tooth. In fact, dental implants have been used for over a decade with a wave of success it has left in its wake. If you have a lost tooth, then we have exciting news for you! Our dentist, Dr. Scott with McQuiston Dental in Alexandria, Virginia, has provided you with this list of information to help you understand why you might choose to restore a lost tooth with a dental implant.

The benefits of dental implants include:

– If you are depressed due to missing teeth, dental implants can restore your smile in more ways than one.

– Dental implants are highly effective for reversing issues associated with a sunken in and aged facial structure linked to tooth loss.

– Once a dental implant is placed, it can hold stronger in your mouth than traditional teeth can.

– When missing teeth are not replaced with prosthetics such as dental implants, it can lead to tooth slippage.

– Focus on reversing issues with tooth loss through reliable prosthetics such as dental implants.

– Although your jawbone can weaken over time if it any teeth are missing, it’s weakness can be reversed once a dental implant is in place.

– To ensure your dental implant is effective, it can be customized based on size or shape to fit your mouth.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose a dental implant for a long-term resolution to restoring a lost tooth. If you still have questions about dental implants and wonder if they might work for you, then please give us a call 703-354-0111 today. We look forward to helping you.