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Taking care of our bodies involves eating a healthy diet. This affects our mouth health, as well! Let’s take a look at some of the healthiest foods for your smile.

Dairy: When it comes to dairy, choose low-sugar options, such as plain milk, yogurt, or cheese. Cheese is especially helpful for teeth. Cheese can help prevent enamel erosion, because of its high phosphate content; the phosphate helps balance the pH levels of the mouth. This helps neutralize the effects of acids on your teeth.

Vegetables: A kind of “nature’s toothbrush,” crunchy vegetables help scrape plaque and debris away from teeth. Additionally, vegetables rich in Vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, help maintain the soft tissues of the gums. Vitamin A also plays a major role in the maintenance of certain proteins which fortify tooth enamel.

Fruits: If you are looking for something sweet to snack on, choose a piece of whole fruit. The fiber in the fruit helps to balance out the natural sugars present. Crisp fruits, such as apples and pears, help to clean teeth similarly to crunchy vegetables.

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